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With the current concerns of tradespeople coming to our house, I cannot express how pleased I am with Stahl Electric. Because they needed to enter our basement via our side door entrance, not even coming through our house, they had to take my husband’s temperature. Being cautious and practicing safety during this time of uncertain health with Covid-19 is extremely important. Bravo Stahl Electric for professionalism and concern for us as customers and for your employees! Erica

- Professionalism and concern

I just wanted to let you know how great a job Luis and Long did on the recessed light install. The lights look great. The guys were on it as soon as they walked in the house and wasted zero time throughout the entire project. They were very knowledgeable and took the time to answer my questions; as well as gave recommendations when asked. All in all they are two great guys and reflect well on your business.

Also, Kelly was pleasant and very easy to work with when I needed to schedule the job (and clearly has a wicked sense of humor). Thanks for having such cool people on your team.


- Job Well Done!

I’ve used Stahl Electric ever since I first moved to Philadelphia almost 20 years ago and they were recommended by Arch Street Lighting.  I’ve had them in my current house at least a half-dozen times of new outlets and light fixtures, as well as little things like fixing my doorbell and broken switches.  Last time Stahl was there to install some new ceiling fixtures they informed me that I had knob and tube siring that really should be replaced (something I’d always suspected due to the age of the house but didn’t really want to know about), I decided I’d better just get it done instead of brooding about it.

Stahl gave me an estimate, they went over the whole house with me, explaining what would have to be done, counting all the fixtures, outlets and switches so he could give me an accurate estimate (which ended up being exactly the price I paid, no unpleasant surprises at the end).  They were so busy that the rewiring had to be scheduled a couple of months later, but when the time came for the work they were able to put extra crews on the job and instead of the predicted week and a half it only took four days!

The guys who did the work were absolutely fantastic; they carefully covered everything with plastic (furniture, the cloets in my walk-in closet; I mean EVERYTHING) and dropcloths on the floors.  They made only very small holes in the walls, and not nearly as many as I expected, and moved my furniture back into place so perfectly that I could hardly tell they’d been there.

They were very good about explaining everything they were doing and letting me know when I had choices about things like the locations of switches and outlets.  All the guys were friendly and courteous–as Stahl’s electricians have always been–obviously mindful of the fact that they were invading my home and disrupting my life, and trying not to make it any more unpleasant than necessary.

I have to mention the office as well;  they are always so helpful and friendly and efficient when I call that I couldn’t ask for a better customer service experience.

I had been really dreading having to have the work done, but in the end it was not a bad experience at all and was over with so quickly that I was absolutely thrilled.  I will continue to use Stahl for all my electrical needs.  Thanks again for running such a great company!

Ellen, Philadelphia


- Thanks again for running such a great company!

Stahl recently completed a three-week major rewiring project in our home.  I was happily surprised by every aspect of our experience: the fair and competitive pricing, the crew’s excellent workmanship, how clean, quiet and considerate they were, and how non-disruptive this project was for me (I work in my home).  The unavoidable damage to walls for such an extensive rewiring project was minimal—so much less than I expected!  Stahl’s lead guy on the job, Mike along with his crew, did a great job of patching those tiny holes so all we need to do now is repaint those small areas.

Stahl found and fixed problems that our prior (well-regarded) electrician did not understand.  They also identified code compliance issues that likewise the other firm didn’t find.  Because Stahl’s pricing is reasonable, we were able to add to our project.  We installed new recessed lighting in our living room, had the crew rewire old ceiling fixtures (saving us the cost of buying new fixtures), and switched the fluorescent lights in our finished basement over to LED.

I recommend Stahl Electric for major rewiring projects without hesitation.



- Three-week major rewiring project

We are very pleased with the job your guys did.  I mostly engaged with Mike and he did a great job of communicating and keeping me up to date on progress.  He did not hesitate to ask when required.  Otherwise they marched through the project limiting the damage to a minimum along the way.

Phil, Merion Station, PA

- The marched through the project limiting the damage to a minimum along the way
October, 2018

Ira was amazing both in directing us how to set up new outdoor lighting as well as coming onsite himself the day of the job.  Luis and his assistant were also fantastic onsite during the day.  At the end-the way it all come out was simply magical.  No other way to describe.  We could not be happier!! Our garden is gorgeous!!


- Outdoor Lighting

Many thanks!  Luis and his helper did great work, offered good suggestions for the work, communicated well with us and always cleaned up after their work.  We will definitely recommend you to others.

Maggie and Andrea

- Luis and his helper did great work, offered good suggestions for the work, communicated well with us and always cleaned up after their work.

I can’t say enough about Ira Stahl and his team of electricians.  Ira is a kind, courteous, knowledgeable, and patient professional.  He provided excellent advice and spent a great deal of time reviewing his proposal/estimate with us so we understood our options.  Ira’s team were lovely, polite, respectful, and hardworking men.  The spent a week working in our yard, in near 100 degree temperatures, the poor guys…The lighting in my yard looks fabulous!  We are thrilled with their work, we highly recommend Stahl Electric!

Patrick and Kate

- We are thrilled with their work, we highly recommend Stahl Electric!
July 24, 2017

I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the work done by Matt and his team.  They were professional, pleasant, and incredibly hard working.

But, more about Matt…

He went above and beyond to solve a few problems that came up, and offered sound recommendations with calm and confidence.  He was a pleasure to work with!

 Thanks for sending us your best team!

Cindy R.


- They were professional, pleasant, and incredibly hard working
June 26, 2017

I would like to thank  the Stahl Electric Company for the thoughtful gift certificates to the Scoogi’s Restaurant. It is one of my mother’s favorite restaurants. She was so delighted to receive it. It was very kind of you to think of us in such a special way.

I would also like to express that Matt and every member of his team did an outstanding job replacing the knob and tubing in our house.  They were very professional and took extreme care and pride in their work. We were impressed with the many careful and  creative approaches they used to replaced the wiring without leaving any holes or any damage to our home. They left our home in perfect condition. I also liked the demonstration of the professional respect they showed  toward each other as they work. You made a good choice when you selected Matt and his team to do the work which made the job a pleasant experience.

 Once again, we appreciate your commitment to a job well done and your kindness toward us.

 Have a safe and enjoyable summer. Good Luck. Denise W.

- They were very professional and took extreme care and pride in their work